Louis Riel, Patriot

Louis Riel, Patriot 

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Louis, Riel, Patriot - couverture 1


In Louis Riel, Patriot, Robert Freynet transports us, via the ninth art, to the colourful events at the time of Canada’s Confederation.


Here we delve into the tragic life of the controversial Métis leader, Louis Riel, Founder of the Province of Manitoba and a Father of Confederation.

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This concise and authentic account, set in the 19th century, is fascinating and exciting. Against a backdrop of political intrigue, international in scope, a man stands his ground, his people are rallied, a country is forged.

Though it may seem incredible, the story is true and is brought to life once again through this richly documented graphic novel.


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Louis, Riel, Patriot - couverture 1 

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